E-commerce Platforms – Few Tips To Boost The Engagement on Your Online Store

If your e-commerce platform has a big following, but your fans and customers are not engaging with you – that’s an issue. Is there a solution?

Starting an online store is a big investment in time and financial terms, so while planning your online business in the early stages you are ought to optimize the platform and communication with costumers to improve the ROI.

So how do you improve the engagement with your online store?

E-commerce Platforms – Online Store

Interacting on Social Media and Following Trends

Today being present on the social media is just not enough. You must engage and communicate with your customers in order to improve yourself and discover their needs. But that’s not all, to be successful, you must follow trends. Instagram and Pinterest are currently the most engaging social media networks that can boost your rates up by an average of 32% more than the other networks.

Don’t misunderstand, existing with your online store on these networks is not what you are after, but interacting with your customers. There is a new trend that arises, Influencer Marketing. Influencers are individuals that became viral and popular following on social networks and they interact daily with their fans, this is a great opportunity for them to place a product you sell in their daily routine and promote it to their followers.

Design Amazing Online Catalogs

Don’t be average. People are constantly online and are exposed to marketing influences on a daily basis, if you want to capture their attention you must do something appealing and perhaps bold.

Creative catalog designs might be a great idea to engage people with your e-commerce shop and boost your sales since they are meant solely for your business and brand. Having a modern look with a great use of copy or storytelling and an amazing CTA (call to action) is already a proven formula for success.

You can improve the looks by adding professional photographs among the product description and spice it up with a killer sales copy, and your catalog will be engaging and increase your revenue as well.

Setting up a Newsletter for your E-commerce store

A possible obstacle here is the delivery of the catalogs of your online store. The best way, proven by far, is trough e-mail marketing,

But, how do you do that?

A lot of companies buy e-mail blasts trough others newsletters, while this is good as a promotion it’s not really effective. What you need to do is provide an engaging newsletter so your online store visitors can leave their e-mail and subscribe. Tips and tricks while using your products, creative ideas that include different products you offer or perhaps general and informative blog posts that your buyers might find useful.


While you keep the interaction, you can create a sales funnel trough the newsletter that can lead to many purchases. Around 65% of the people don’t mind being cold-approached with an offer or deal by a company newsletter where they’ve subscribed.

Speaking of design recently and friendly user interface on the e-commerce platform, it is highly recommended that the site follows the same manner and you ensure that the subscribe forms are looking neat as well. Shopify is a great platform that offers ecommerce solutions for your business, you can send automated emails to your clients and get more exposure by using these tools.

Having different acquisition forms on the online store is an advantage since you can target each form for different visitors and then segment the desired leads in a different list – and approach them with a targeted offer.


The techniques above are really effective if done in a professional manner, and by the latest trends in 2017, we’ve proven that using them will increase the engagement of your e-commerce platform and improve your business for more sales.


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